november 23, 2021

hello diary, and subsequently, the world. i have not been feeling my absolute best emotionally or physically, but intellectually i have been doing alright for the first time in a long time.
at the moment, i am kind of at a crossroads regarding my health. each decision has an ultimate benefit and a dire consequence. i can't figure out what consequence is worse so i have been... existing in limbo regarding that.
however, i have been happily hyperfixating on things lately, and though it has killed my motivation to do anything but what i am hyperfocused on, i am happy because i still feel like i am doing something. i have a lot of happy things coming up. very glad about it. i hope everything goes well and works out.
anyway !!! i have a mushroom html page to work on. thank you for letting me spill a little, internet diary.
bye bye !!!

august 28, 2021

this is my first diary entry. hello ! :3