୨୧ she / her & they / them ୨୧
pronouns page

demigirl demigirl
genderdoe genderdoe
doe bisexual doe bisexual
dove bisexual dove bisexual

୨୧ mimmy, mimkitty, honeybell, strawbie, mittens ୨୧
likes : soup, hummus, twin peaks / david lynch, mori kei / cottagecore, tea, tone indicators, cute things, faeries, kitties, rain, teddies, quilts, the sound of the kettle boiling . . .

dislikes : discrimination, prejudice, being sick or ill, fatphobia, ableism, my hair being wet, cheese sauce (especially velveeta . . .), body shaming of any sort, being doubted for no reason, transphobia

kins (for fun, comfort, and coping purposes): chii (chobits), taiga (toradora), bee (bee & puppycat), sister nana (mgrp), tsumugi inuzuka (sweetness & lightning), nene yashiro (tbhk), chocola (sfw nekopara), elizabeth liones (seven deadly sins), little misfortune

music : a lot :0, grimes, snckpck, candy claws, sea oleena, mars argo, poppy, amy winehouse, jack stauber, bo burnham, erykah badu

games : yume nikki (& fangames), calico, loz franchise, kirbys epic yarn, acnh & acnl, phasmophobia, dark souls 3

interests : baking, cooking, web design, programming, game design,making tea, learning about ecology / environmental science, gardening (i will have an herb garden soon . . . ), cuddling kitties, psychology / neurology / pharmacology / genetics, fashion & style, nutrition, fitness (when i am feeling better physically and mentally), music theory / music history, learning about different cultures / sociology

movies : wild at heart, mulholland dr, howl's moving castle, ponyo, pan's labyrinth, 50 first dates, buffalo '66

web series : ENA,

anime : chobits, toradora, toilet-bound hanako-kun, demon slayer, madoka magica, sweetness & lighting, as miss beelzebub likes it

shows : hilda, bee & puppycat, gravity falls, twin peaks (!!!),

comfort characters : mirio togata (bnha), dale cooper (!!!), sheriff harry s. truman (!!!), deputy andy brennan (!!!), teacher / sensei (the girl from the other side), rilakkuma, bewear (pkmn), zuko (atla)