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cozy webring
coming soon !!

welcome to honeybell cottage . . .

this is a website project i have started to gather information on relaxation, slow living, and sustainable practices.

i want to implement these practices into my own life, and so this is somewhat of an archive for me to access and study these materials better.

but it is also an archive for the betterment of everyone. i want to help others improve their mental health, be more aware of the environment and their impact on it, and feel really comfy !!

to do :
make a vision board for health diary
create "scroll to" areas on sustainable living page
add "food storage" section
detail do's and don'ts of composting
detail GOOD period panties brands
crystal deoderant research
natural recipes for toiletries, skincare, and the like + good brands
update exercise page (my exercise routine + playlists rather than indiv vids)
update recipes page (divided into comfy & diabetes friendly recipes)
update mycology (finish a-f section)
mushroom webring/clique? (maybe for plants & other interests, too)
make a "comforts" personal page
make a little web garden :)!