sustainable menstrual hygiene

♪ menstrual cups
♪ reusable pads
♪ period panties (PLEASE do research, some have toxins in them... i will link companies i know are safe when i find them)

sustainable hygiene (hair, skincare, etc)

♪ use less shampoo/conditioner at a time (and/or in conjunction with limiting how often you wash your hair)
♪ use shampoo/conditioner bars
♪ make natural shampoo (will link recipes later)
♪ take shorter showers
♪ turn your faucet off when you brush your teeth
♪ get biodegradable toothbrushes (bamboo!)

sustainable fashion

♪ donate/sell your clothes
♪ learn to mend your ripped clothing instead of tossing them
♪ AVOID fast fashion. buy things you will wear for a long time for a good price (don't base your decisions off of trends unless you really like them)
♪ thrift clothes instead of buying them new
♪ when you buy, buy from sustainable places or buy a material that is less harmful for the environment
♪ use a drying rack / clothesline instead of a dryer
♪ handwash clothes

sustainable energy use

♪ use cfl & led lightbulbs
♪ plant trips to the store to limit car use
♪ go places you can bike/walk
♪ unplug electronics you aren't using
♪ use daylight instead of artificial light
♪ wearing more clothes instead of turning up your heat
♪ carpool

how to handle waste

♪ start a compost bin (will add what things you put in it later...)
♪ buy less products with packaging
♪ use your own bags for groceries
♪ paper > plastic packaging

sustainable eating

♪ eat more vegan meals (you don't have to go full, strict vegan to make an impact)
♪ cut out beef and encourage others to do so (beef farms take up so much energy)
♪ buy produce from farmer's markets
♪ buy meat & other products from local, SUSTAINABLE farms (with ethical and sustainable agriculture)
♪ plant your own veggie and herb garden


as i research, information will be rearranged or edited, and sources will be cited
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