this will pass
you have to work hard when things are at their lowest, so that your brain changes in the direction of healing and growth. harmful coping skills and bad habits, though easy and take less energy, hurt you in the long run.
aim for acceptance and neutrality if you can't aim for complete positivity. anything that is achievable and can get you out of that slump / low / loop is worth aiming for

self soothing

♪ doodle abstractly & without much thought or expectation
♪ blink slowly
♪ put on comfy clothes
♪ drink tea (or hot cocoa, warm milk, or any other soothing drink)
♪ put on a comforting youtube video (asmr, favorite youtuber, let's play of your favorite game)
♪ cry
♪ cuddle or hold a stuffie / plushie
♪ dim your lights
♪ go outside and sit, walk, or look around, find something cool!
♪ use a candle or incense
♪ have a comfort food
♪ eat something slowly and appreciate the taste or texture
♪ take a shower or bath
♪ use a heating pad, weighted blanket, or both! a sock full of rice does the same job, too

long-term solutions

build a routine to alleviate anxiety
create one relaxing habit (tea, meditation, yoga, walking in nature)
do shadow work (examples wip)

comfy videos


inhale for 4 seconds. hold your breath for 7 seconds. inhale even more for 8 seconds. exhale making a wooshing sound, lips like this :o


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