cardio calisthenics strength training yoga & stretching dancing running walking

cardio (standing)
cardio (seated)

cardio (hiit)

cardio (low impact)

cardio (full body)

calisthenics (abs)
calisthenics (back & shoulders)
calisthenics (glutes)
calisthenics (whole body)

strength training (abs)
strength training (back & shoulders)
strength training (legs)
strength training (glutes & lowerback)
strength training (arms)
strength training (whole body)

yoga & stretching (abs)
yoga & stretching (back & shoulders)

yoga & stretching (legs)

yoga & stretching (glutes & lowerback)

yoga & stretching (arms)
yoga & stretching (pelvic floor)
yoga & stretching (full body)


running (at home)


my exercise routine

stretching : strong focus on pelvic floor stretches
cardio : pahla b's seated hiit & hennepin healthcare's low-intensity seated cardio
strength training : done while i am recovering from my heart issue and my toe surgery
extra : i have been working on self-massage as my legs and thighs carry a lot of tension, impairing my pelvic floor function & flexibility

exercise goals

my goal for exercise is to do it everyday. i want to complete around 5 hours of exercise a week.

motivation for my goal : to make my heart stronger, improve my blood pressure, improve my cholesterol levels, to heal my thyroid, to lower my blood sugar, to heal my liver, to feel more mobile and flexible, to increase my energy levels, to alleviate depression